Ways You Can Make this Father’s Day One of a Kind during Quarantine

Cards, Gifts, & DIYs Jun 08, 2020

Everyone knows the struggle of finding a worthwhile Father’s Day gift, as there isn’t much to do right now outside of curb side pick ups and staying at home. The days of buying a builder themed card and taking Dad out to his favourite restaurant has to be put on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean that Father’s Day itself has to be non-existent. The key element is that dads are rather simple, unlike most mothers, which can make this a tad easier. Planning a nice steak and a pint can make their day go from a 0 to a 10.

Living Under the Same Roof

If you and your loved one are living at (one of the two) home(s) with your parents then these suggestions are to make this Father's Day a hit.

BBQ Picnic Dinner

So, obviously one of the first ideas is to make him a nice BBQ dinner alongside his favourite beer. Bust out the barbecue and grill up some of his favourite meats and veggies, because no matter if it’s steak, hamburgers, salmon, corn, mushrooms, etc. this is a for sure hit. I mean let’s face it, all men love BBQ one way or another. Grab some beers and get to grilling, as the two of you talk all things (stereotypically) manly – super models, cars, and scotch!! If the two of you feel like going the extra mile, order or dig up a red and white tablecloth to make the picnic vibes feel complete (click here for a round table and click here for a long outdoor table), especially if it’s nice enough to eat outside.

Scotch & Blues Night

If BBQing isn’t up your alley, my personal favourite is to do a Scotch night. Purchase two nice bottles of scotch from the LCBO or use what’s at home, while playing some nice jazz and blues to fit the ambiance. Don’t be shy to dress up and be extra glamorous, as it’s always better to go the full 100 then to stop at 99. I would definitely recommend doing this in the evening to bring the full experience to life -- turn on your fairy lights, grab your fancy glasses, and make some ice-cubes, and transform your house into an unforgettable make-shift bar.

Living Out of the House

But if you live out of the house, spending some one-on-one time is difficult because we need to keep social distancing ourselves for the time being. So instead of relying on the good ol’ BBQ and card, here are some quarantine friendly ways to celebrate this Father’s Day.

Virtual Pub Night

The experience of going out to pub with your dad(s) is as classic as it clichéd, but nevertheless it still works to put a smile on his face and multiple drinks in his hand. Grab some of your favourite beers, or ciders, put on some eclectic music, and sit at the most “rustic” looking table you have to create the feel of a downtown TO pub. If you want to enhance the experience, cook or order (to support local businesses) some nachos and wings (boneless or vegan), or some other pub fare to satisfy your cravings. Subtract the setbacks of social distancing and see your father(s) smile with joy (or from the beer) as you recreate one experience with Dad that cannot be replaced.

Personalized Gift Basket

One of my fav ways to make this Father’s Day special is to deliver a personalized gift basket to your dad(s) with all of their favourite goodies. Go (safely) and buy or order a gift basket to the size of your liking, I’d recommend a medium sized basket and some wrapping paper so when you two deliver it, it doesn’t get damaged, a standard brown basket will do. Then all you two have to do is fill it with whatever snacks and drinks they cannot resist – wine, chocolate with liquor, scotch, and chocolate covered dried fruit and nuts, to make your dad smile with joy and temptation. All that’s left is to slip in a card and you two are good to go. This is easy and elegant, and will make your dad feel beyond appreciated for noticing the little things they love.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Grab four to five bottles of wine, which the two of you and your dad(s) both enjoy and get to tasting, but make sure you buy the same bottles of wine to ensure that the experience feels as authentic as it can be. Before setting up a calling time, have you and your dad(s), prepare a cheese plate or charcuterie board to make this evening feel like the real deal. To complete this night and make it one-of-a-kind, set up a time where both of you can call and enjoy your virtual wine night together, as though social distancing doesn’t exist.

All these suggestions are super easy and relationship friendly. It’s always better to plan an activity versus going out to dinner because there really isn’t anything to help ease the tension and break the ice without it being awkward, especially with a new partner. Key thing here is to keep both your partner and dad(s) happy and keep the celebration fun, because Father’s Day is all about making your dad(s) feel special, plus it’s nice to have people tag along to the celebration – the more the merrier, right?

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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