The Ultimate Summertime Must Haves

Self Care Jul 20, 2020

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blossoming, so we all know what that means…. IT’S SUMMERTIME! The perfect season filled with amazing drinks, cute outfits to wear lounging out by the pool, and all the evenings spent on the beach, patio, or cottage. But with all the fun, we cannot forget to look fashionable. We need to make sure our skin is shiny and our are outfits are flawless, so without further-a-do here are some of the best summer products that are absolute must haves.

#1 Eye Rollers

While concealer and powder can often do the job, it’s hard to find full coverage for the beach or pool that won’t wash away in the water or melt away with the sun because dark circles are our enemy and need to be put to shame.

For an all-natural way to keep the dark circles away, the eye roller is perfect to leave the area under the eyes looking nice and fresh. The smooth motion is really relaxing on your skin and it feels way lighter than having to wear layers on layers of cream and powder on your face. All you have to do is roll once when you wake up, and once in the nighttime, then you’re good to go.

#2 BB Cream

During the summer, wearing a lot of heavy makeup is something I would never wish upon my worst enemy. The moment the sun starts to shine, all your foundation and concealer begins to melt, which is not a lewk for anyone, any day, or any hour.

BB cream is a way lighter option but doesn’t skip out on all of the coverage. You don’t need foundation on top and you need far less to give yourself the look and feel of smooth skin that we all want. It’s also important to know that BB cream has SPF in it and is available in the perfect shade to match your complexion so it’s perfect for the sun and everyone.

#3 Charcoal Cleanser

It’s no secret that the more the sun is out, the more our pores are out too. The heat and sweat have some magical powers and knows how to open our pores to more dirt and bacteria that is hanging out with us through the air. While this does sound gross and scary, there is nothing to fear because charcoal cleanser is here.

Charcoal is known for removing dirt, makeup, oil, etc. that our skin soaks up on a day-to-day basis. It does a great job at making your skin feel smooth and cooling down your pores, so whenever your skin needs a pick me up, or every night if you’d like, this is all you need to ensure that your skin is staying hydrated and clean from the effects of the heat. You can use charcoal in the form of a cleanser or a face mask, depending on how frequently you want to use it. But no matter how you enjoy your charcoal your skin will be happy no matter what.

#4 Micellar Water

This is an essential item for the days where a full skin care routine doesn’t fit in your daily agenda because we all know the feeling of being way too tired or sun kissed. All you need to do is wash your face down with some micellar water for a quick and easy routine that will leave your skin looking flawless and shiny without all the hassle.

#5 Cute Water Bottle

Staying hydrated in the summer is essential for keeping your skin and body happy because whether it’s humid or just plain hot your body needs to feel just as nourished. I know first hand that drinking water can be a task and a half when working at home or at an office, etc. because the day gets busy and anything seems more appealing than water but the right bottle can make everything better.

Etsy has a nice collection, which is relatively fairly priced, of nice cups and bottles that can make drinking far more fun and see more appealing than just a plastic boring bottle. While this does seem extra and tad silly the right accessories can always make things 10x better and should never be looked over.


Hi! My name is Maya Leah, I am a twenty year old theatre student at Queen's University. I am a Netflix binger, bruncher, and Jesse Eisenberg obsesser who enjoys curling up with a good book...

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