Seven Summer Sangria Recipe’s for the Soul

Recipes Jul 15, 2020

Sangria and summer go together like peanut butter & jelly. There is no more iconic duo than mixing alcohol and fruit together because it makes something undeniably delicious for a weekday happy hour or a Sunday afternoon (before or after 5:00pm). Whether you need a recipe to impress, “black out”, or reduce stress, we’ve got it all, so to help spread summer around, let’s look at seven sangria recipes to make your days superb.

#1 Pineapple & Watermelon Sangria

This is one drink that is delicious, fruity, and perfectly sweet and tart. The pineapple and watermelon balance out each other perfectly to each give this drink EXACTLY what it needs (a drink that’s sweet with a punch).

For anyone who is difficult to impress, or haters of sangria, this is the definite way to go because the pineapple and watermelon disguise the signature elements that everyone is used to. Both these ingredients add the layer of making it light and an easy thing to drink, instead of the fall and winter sangrias that tend to be “heavier”

#2 Piña Colada Sangria

If the two of you are looking for something that gives off Hawaii vibes, sitting on the beach, and trying to get a tan, then look no further. This stunning combo of pineapple and coconut mixed with some sangria goodness goes straight to sweet and skips tart without any question. This drink is definitely one note and disguises the taste of alcohol well, which it makes all the more dangerous – so save it for a day where blacking out is the only option.

#3 Rainbow Sangria

With June being Pride month, this is the perfect drink for all the (virtual) celebrations that are about to take place. Fair warning, this drink is beautiful as it is strong, because the fruit doesn’t mask the feel of the alcohol as much as juice does, but it is a great drink, nonetheless. Save this for a party where you want the alcohol to soak in or for a day where the presentation is everything, because this one will turn heads.

#4 Rosé Sangria

If the two of you are looking for a simple yet unique sangria option for a Sunday (or any) afternoon, this is the perfect combination for all wine lovers. For those who love red, white, or anything in between because it’s a perfect mix of both. The essence of a typical red sangria is felt throughout the drink but with a light touch, as the white wine kicks in, which it allows you two to feel the sweetness and strength equally. Also, this is a strong standalone to minimize on the fruit, which is perfect for picky eaters, as it is perfect as is or spiced up with some fruit.

#5 Berry Sangria

For something that’s classic and delicious a berry sangria is the only way to go. The familiar flavours of sweet with a hint of crisp can never go wrong for a social distancing brunch among friends or a nice evening with family.

There is something nostalgic about drinking a berry sangria because it transports you back to sitting on a beach or by a fireplace during peak vacation time, which is a really nice feeling. This type of sangria can also be really warm and heavy, so I’d recommend serving it on a day where you want to feel the warmth or on a cool evening.

PS. This recipe goes great with a hearty meal or something light, depending on the guests you’re entertaining, so I’d recommend either serving it with some steaks, a Spanish themed dinner, or a charcuterie board for maximum enjoyment.

#6 Frozen Sangria Margarita

If the two of you are looking for something strong, simple, and to the point, then stop right here. This drink is definitely one for the books (and your happy hour) as it is the ultimate summer treat for wine lovers, tequila lovers, and everything in between.

If you’re worried that each sip is pure alcohol, you don’t have to be, because the sweet flavour from the wine settles in so it doesn’t feel like pure straight alcohol.  It’s also a really nice change of pace because it’s blended, often times sangria is “one note” because it’s wine, fruit, syrup, etc. but having it blended with tequila adds a really nice touch that is perfect for sitting pool side.

#7 Sake Sangria

I will be 110% honest in saying that this recipe is not only your best friend but your worst enemy too because when sake and wine mix, anything can happen. The Sake and wine are great because they contrast each other because Sake is strong with little distinct flavor whereas wine disguises it’s alcohol with its sweetness.

This drink also has a refreshing element to it because it’s so different that it takes over your taste buds (in the best way possible) by letting you feel the alcohol in a blended, casual, and sweet way. Also, the plus side to this drink is that it is beyond unique in the world of cocktails. Sake is not used in mixed drinks often, so this truly is a rare option and one that leaves people wanting more, besides the fact that the fusion of Japan and Spain is one that can never go wrong!

I hope you enjoy these recipes as I much do! They are all unique and delicious in a different way no matter which recipe(s) you gravitate towards. Take your time and sip slowly, put out some bar snacks, and enjoy each other’s company under the sun (or sunset).

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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