Salads for the Summertime

Recipes Jul 27, 2020

Just like how every lead in a movie has a best friend, the summertime has salad. The blue sky and sun is the perfect complement for some neon green leaves, bright strawberries, and a glistening vinaigrette because they are the perfect way to welcome summer, or prolong it.

Salad has so many wonderful qualities, which makes it one of the ultimate summertime meals because of its lightness and comfort that comes within each bite. From the layers of tang too sweet to crunch and crisp to refreshing, there is something for everyone, especially those who claim they dislike vegetables.

#1 Cobb Salad

I know what you two are thinking (ready? I’m gonna blow your mind): How can a cobb salad be a salad for the summer? (see? I’m a genius). No, but jokes aside, a cobb salad definitely doesn’t have a rep for being the healthiest at the party, with the bacon and semi-creamy dressing, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be a summer classic. We all deserve to indulge once in a while, no matter the season, so without further-a-do, let’s get on with this amazing recipe.

This recipe by A Spicy Perspective is definitely the one that nails the summer experience all in one bite. It does a great job at keeping the classic elements of the cobb salad (minus the bacon) while spicing it up with some berries and almonds, which gives it a great balance of being filling while exciting.

When the two of you are looking for something familiar with a twist, this upgraded cobb salad is the appropriate choice. It’s equally reliable and fun, which are two underrated traits, so save this one for a hot summer day when nothing sounds too appetizing. For maximum enjoyment, pair it with some strawberry lemonade to add a nice punch of acidity.

#2 Spinach & Peach Salad

When it comes to the summertime, fruits become the main focus of your mind for obvious reasons. We all crave the fresh sugary flavours because there is nothing better than that sensation on a nice day, which is why this salad is perfect for having guests over on a relaxed Sunday.

This recipe does an excellent job at making the peach stand out while complementing its fellow ingredients, in the best way possible. The acidic sweetness that comes with the peaches alongside the tangy spinach and onions with the calming feta cheese, definitely makes this recipe one that is best eaten outside on a hot ‘n’ breezy day.

For a drink recommendation, I’d suggest a flavoured (peach) or “regular” seltzer to maximize the flavour of the salad. This salad is strong enough that it doesn’t need a strong minded drink, which is why it’s better to keep it simple.

#3 Pasta Salad

I am the first one to admit that salads aren’t always the most filling (or appetizing)! The idea of lettuce being a base for a meal can be super BORING, but, as always, pasta comes to the rescue and saves the day.

This recipe by Spend with Pennies makes this salad 110% healthy while still including one of God’s greatest gifts to the earth, by adding in a lot of vibrant and fresh vegetables, including radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., which makes it as beautiful as it does (equal parts) fresh and filling.

This is a great way to add some balance in your daily routine, so don’t feel shameful for eating pasta, not that anyone should, but this is a guilt free option for those who love carbs and don’t wanna deny it. Oh and you two can enhance this meal with some iced coffee to wash down an amazing lunch.

#4 Greek Cucumber Salad

If you two are looking for a light lunch option, then look no further than this cucumber Greek salad to make you feel right at home. The crispy onions with the fresh cucumbers make this more than your average Greek salad without being too overpowering, making this a go-to for the days that you two want something simple.

This recipe is super easy to make, which makes it less time spent in the kitchen and more time spent outside, which is always the goal. Simply chop up some peppers, cucumbers, and onions, grab some black olives, sprinkle some feta, while pairing it with some iced lemon water to keep things refreshing and simple, which is what this vibe is all about.

#5 Layered Summer Salad

When looking for a salad to-go or a beauty pageant winner, this is the one that’ll be convenient and turning heads. The layers of vegetables and grains keep it filling and bright while having the right amount of each ingredient. Also this salad allows for the two of you get the perfect bite each time, as all the ingredients are dispersed throughout the salad, which makes each bite equally flavourful.

For maximum enjoyment, pair this with an iced tea to keep cool and calm. The focus here is all about the salad, as she wins first place, so the last thing you want is the drink to outshine the food. So, the perfect choice here is iced tea because it keeps you refreshed and happy without needing a second look (like the girl next door).

#6 Lentil Watermelon Salad

If the two of you are in the mood for a salad equally refreshing and fulfilling, then stop right here! The juicy watermelon with the feta and lentils made it to be perfectly sweet and salty while being softened by the lentils for the perfect bite to start off the warm weather.

This is also perfect for the summertime as it’s vibrant and fresh without relying on heavy ingredients to do the job. The light watermelon and feta complimented by the lentils make it a really light salad that uses simple ingredients but looks way fancier than it is, which is the secret to success.

Pair this salad with some rose or white wine to bring out the floral notes of the watermelon in each bite. Whether it’s time for patio season or a picnic, this is one irresistible salad.

#7 Blueberry Kale Salad

If the two of you are looking for something fresh with a confident texture, then this is the perfect choice. The simple yet bold kale salad features beautiful ingredients from blueberries to cucumbers to beats galore.

While this does seem like an airy combination that doesn’t pack a lot of nutrition, you’re being fooled — the sprinkle of feta, hearty chunks of avocado, and quinoa pack some punch to take this salad from “diet” chic to a full-on cheat day. Besides, the blueberries and the kale add a crisp crunch, which compliments the salad in immaculate ways.

For drinks a blueberry lemonade or seltzer will definitely do the trick, depending on your mood. If you two want something sweet that helps bring out the blueberry flavour, then the blueberry lemonade is a definite choice. But, don’t worry, the salad is strong enough to stand alone, so if sweets aren’t your thing the seltzer is a great way to compliment your taste-buds without something too overpowering.

These are all excellent options with their own unique touch, which spill out summer with every bite. For brunch, lunch, or a light and early dinner, they are all perfect and can be filling while supporting your summer style.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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