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Recipes May 13, 2020

One of the hardest parts of being in quarantine is not being able to eat out (raise a hand if you’re with me). With so many amazing places to try, it’s hard not being able to dine out properly and having the full experience of wine(ing) and dining, but it’s even harder finding recipes that you and your loved one both enjoy.

So to help with the struggle of cooking two to three meals a day, here are some all around classic recipes that can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Gourmet Scrambled Eggs

Everyone knows that eggs are a classic for breakfast, especially scrambled eggs, but even the best can sometimes be boring. The standard ways of making scrambled eggs can become tiresome so Tasty has come to the rescue by offering 23 different ways to make this traditional breakfast an even better one. The recipes listed in Tasty’s article include everything from hybrids (featuring some timeless combinations) to toppings that we’ll get anyone in the mood for breakfast.

Vegetarians and meat lovers alike will be able to enjoy all of the powerful flavour combinations, as they vary in degrees of light to super filling but are all super easy to make, which is the perfect way to get you two in the cooking spirit.

Elevated Breakfast Sandwich

This is one recipe where you can look like a shining star and only do half the work. Pinch Of Yum gives a recipe where you simply scramble some eggs to your liking, fry up some bacon, half a ripe avocado, and put it all on a croissant.

The flavour combinations are a real crowd pleaser and it’s super easy to make, which allows this to be the best go to recipe for a relaxed Sunday or a rushed Tuesday morning when work requires an early start. This recipe is customizable and that makes it even better, as it can fit to you and your partner's liking. Whether you want to add cheese (please), remove the meat to make it vegetarian friendly, or add more toppings to make you smile, the choice is up to you. Besides, scrambled eggs and bacon are delicious no matter how you make them and avocado makes everything 10x better, so why not use it to make your day feature a real delicious treat?

Petite Pancakes

These bite sized pancakes might be small but come with a burst of flavour in each bite. Otherwise known as silver dollar pancakes, they are the perfect sweet breakfast treat to keep things light, filling, and served to your liking. Bite Sized Kitchen provides a great recipe for silver dollar pancakes by keeping everything relatively simple. The instructions include adding a decent amount of butter to your skillet and then pouring your batter to make coin sized pancakes.

This is also a great way to personalize your loved one’s breakfast by adding toppings they adore into the batter. Whether it’s fruit, chocolate, or some type of nut butter, this is a great way to show your partner that you pay attention to the little things. Oh and if you’re feeling fancy, you two can skewer them with some fruit and a chocolate drizzle for maximum presentation.


Chickie Nuggies #Adultified

This is one menu item both kids and adults crave and cherish. No matter your age, a good chicken nugget or tender can brighten up your day. That gold tinted batter that coats the chicken strip perfectly is something always cherished no matter your age, the time of day, or who you’re with.

But the standard batter with the list of essential sauces on the side (BBQ, plum, ranch, sweet & sour, honey mustard, etc.) can sometimes become a little mundane, even if we don’t want to admit it. offers 15 great renditions of chicken nuggets that will tickle your and your loved one’s taste buds.

From chicken nuggets with Italian or Korean seasoning to ones that accommodate all diets and allergies (vegan and gluten free), this list is never dull. You can use it to entertain people of all ages. This also offers the opportunity to make fun additions to each nugget that you and your partner enjoy. Whether it’s making mini chicken and waffles, or dousing it in ranch and calling it a day, these recipes are a keeper and one that’s off the charts.

Mozzarella Sticks

While these seem like a classic appetizer Buzzfeed is here to prove the two of you wrong, as mozzarella sticks can be made into a meal. Whether the two of you are team ripper or team dipper when it comes to your mozz sticks, I can guarantee that these recipes will compliment each of you and your partner’s style.

One of the highlighting features about these recipes is that they come in different forms other than the typical stick shape we all know and love. They really do come in every style you can imagine, but my favourites would be the mozz stick nacho and the fried mozzarella “caprese” stacks. While these seem very extra and overly trendy, they are all too good not to try and taste so good that it’s worth the effort when making them. This is also an easy way to impress your loved one and their friends, as everyone can appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients as well as the creativity of how you present them. From ages 1 to 100, all these recipes will be a hit that leaves people coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.


“Adult” Mac & Cheese

This recipe is built for the boujee child that’s hiding within you but is ready to come out. Half Baked Harvest does a great job at bringing this recipe to life by using simple ingredients including: macaroni, brie, havarti, sourdough bread, and some other standard kitchen essentials.

The best part about this recipe is that it only takes an hour to make. With 20 minutes for prep and 40 minutes for cook time, you’ll be eating before you know it. This breakdown can also be a good way to share the work for making dinner. Depending on who has more time, the roles can be alternated making the cooking easier and feel as though the two of you worked together to make this amazing meal. Honestly, this is one simple yet fancy version of mac & cheese that does its job well. Put on your sweatpants with a blazer and dig right in!


Burgers are great, if not one of the best classic dinners out there. The combo of bread, meat, and cheese is one that has been around for as long as I can remember, not to mention that it is more popular than ever! But sometimes eating a whole burger (or two) can be filling to the point where you can’t finish your fries, leaving you to surrender them to your partner. As much as we love having a garbage disposal by our side sometimes we want to be able to have our cake and eat it too.

This is where sliders come in… the perfect combo is still in check but the smaller size allows them to slide into your mouth leaving room for multiple burgers and all of your fries. But the best part about sliders is that there are no rules, which allows you to be as creative as you and your partner desire. Delish gives 50 ways to spice up your slider including everything from using fried chicken as a patty to some fabulous vegetarian/pescatarian options (which can easily become vegan) for any time of day. This extensive list of recipes also includes some fusion-based toppings and homemade versions of your favourite fast food items, which can make this the perfect appetizer or American tapas style dinner.


Tacos are a great way to make dinner fun and filling by letting you and your loved one try different combinations with the assistance of From savoury tacos all the way to sweet tacos, you and your sweetie are covered for the week to make any taco(s) both of your hearts desire.

Not only is this a great way to expand your taste buds but it also gives the two of you the chance to unleash your inner chef by customizing each taco to your liking. Whether guac, cilantro, sour cream, or salsa are your cup of tea, you can add as much as or as little as you like to make your taco perfection. This is also an easy meal that doesn’t require a lot of set up or time in the kitchen. Simply purchase your favourite brand of tortillas (soft or hard ;)), buy or mash some guac and salsa, cut up some veggies, serve some sour cream, and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling fancy, purchase some beers from the LCBO.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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