How to Make the Best 1st or 4th of July Celebration

Cards, Gifts, & DIYs Jun 29, 2020

With the  1st and 4th of July Celebration approaching, it means it’s the time to bust out the fireworks and get a massive amount of meat for the BBQ and for your friends to have the best time (and to say that you hosted the best party of the year).

Depending on the situation, of course, but all of these ideas for celebrations are also free to use on Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo, etc. You two will still be praised for hosting an amazing (virtual) party and for keeping the festivities during this time of self-isolation.


For the meat and beer lovers, or just foodies in general, this is one party option that can never fail. Grill up some hamburgers and hotdogs, put out some chips, and some alcohol of your choice (I’d recommend some beer or cider), to rock the picnic vibes.

To take this to the next level, theme everything in red and white or red, white, and blue to be obnoxiously proud of your country. You can also tell your guests to dress up in the appropriate colours to fit the theme of the décor and feel as though they have a level of personal spirit too. This type of 1st or 4th of July party is as classic as it is fun and can attract anyone for the awesome fun, food, and memories.

Pool Party

If you happen to have a pool, or know someone who does, then this a perfect way to kick of the 1st or 4th of July without fail. Open the pool and your patio, decorate your back yard, and invite people to the most festive pool party of the year.

To liven the mood and get people feeling less awkward, serve some jello-shots, chips or veggies and dip, and some confectionaries while blasting music from your speakers to make this one pool party that nobody’ll forget. People will be splish splashin’ around and having a good time while soaking up the sun and all of the fun.

Canadian/U.S.A Themed Night

If you are all about your country’s pride, then a theme night to honour them is the way to go for you and your boo. To launch this party to success, make some themed food and go all out for the decorations, because this will keep your guests happy and they will feel like they are having one hell of a good time.

To make this memorable (for Canadians), make some poutine, buy cute maple syrup bottles, and flood the place with ketchup chips, all the while blasting Drake to let everyone how much pride you have. For an all-American themed party, red, white, and blue, are your best friends as you pump the place with burgers, fries, cheez-it’s, jello shots, and beer while playing Red Solo Cup on repeat.

If you’re scared of coming across as “too” festive (there is no such thing), then just remember that there is no shame in distracting the guests from paying attention to the all Canadian or American theme. In my opinion, these celebrations are about going all out so don’t be scared to go big or go (kick people out of your) home.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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