How to Find Your Partner’s Favourite Meal for a #StayAtHome Date Night

Recipes Jun 03, 2020

There’s no denying that when dating someone you learn all of their sides from the hangry to the happy and everything in between. Just as Snow White met the seven dwarves, we meet the seven possible sides which make our loved ones loveable. Instead of Dopey and Bashful, we face the good and bad traits of our classic, inspiring, artistic, athletic, cute, loving, or simple lovers.

But no matter what your loved one radiates, they deserve to feel like royalty, which is where Jonathan Gold comes in. The theory about how your fav taco truck is a significant part of your identity (read about Gold’s theories here) explains, paraphrased of course, that how you eat your taco can explain a lot about you as a person and your other day-to-day preferences. For all the foodies and lovers out there, this is your best friend because it shows you how to use your food preferences to enjoy your life to the fullest.

If the two of are hopeless romantics and have a love for food, let this be your guide to bring your loved one the best meal and to make this quarantine feel like a fairy tale, according to their #1 trait.


If your partner is someone classic, then any homemade meal will do the trick, but obviously we want to do the best for the ones we love. As the expression goes, it takes one to know one, so for your classic partner the perfect classic meal is in order.

For me, when thinking what I would make for this type of person, the first thing that comes to mind is roast chicken (with bones or without bones) and fingerling potatoes with cherry pie for dessert. This meal is one that nobody can deny. The crispy chicken skin coated in seasonings and the spiced potatoes makes this a meal packed with flavour, which makes the sweet dessert highly appreciated. Complement this meal with some wine of your choice to bring your loved one to cloud 9.


If your partner in crime is all about inspiring and influencing others, then a trendsetter meal is all that you need. These forward-thinking folks need a meal that can leave them feeling as inspired as they those around them, because they deserve to know the impact they leave and what inspiration can do.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of inspiration, when thinking of food, is a perfectly cooked beef wellington. This beautiful and delicious meal can leave anyone feeling inspired because nailing it is such an amazing feeling. Seeing the pink centered tenderloin, with the fluffy puff pastry, and well-seasoned mushrooms is beyond satisfying, as it will leave anyone’s mouth watering. Grab some red wine and admire your perfectly layered beef wellington alongside your loved one, who doesn’t go a day without amazing.


For the artistic types, this late-night bite is just as important as the drink and the ambiance itself. Keep this meal small but fancy to fill their appetite, but let them enjoy the buzz from a good drink.

For an artist, a cheese plate is a perfect way to say I love you. The strong cheeses and wine are a killer duo and can be easily complemented by adding some crackers, grapes, jam, honey, and spiced nuts to add some crunch and sweetness. Artists are used to saying “snap, snap” so this all-in-one midnight snack is sure to do the trick to see that smile and sass we all know and love.


If your loved one likes to break a sweat, then definitely a protein packed dinner is the way to go. This is a tough one sometimes, as protein = steak (which is already an icon) 99.9% of the time, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

To show your partner in crime that there’s more to life than a slab of meat for protein, try this amazing salmon or tuna poke bowl for a vibrant yet satisfying dinner. One of the best parts about this dinner for two is how customizable it is, from having your choice of rice or greens as a base, your toppings, and garnishes, this meal is really all about YOU, which is amazing when trying to show your love for someone. Enhance this colourful evening by making some Bahama Mama’s to unleash all the tropical vibes.


If your loved one is 95% cutie and 5% sass, then this meal needs to embody them and their personality 100%. I know what you’re thinking… how is any food cute? Soup is for slurping, sauces are for spilling, and sushi is the worst date food in the world (anything that requires one bite is a disaster) but where there’s a will, there’s a way….

…..And the way to represent cuteness in food form is through none other than one of God’s greatest gifts to earth (drum roll please) DUMPLINGS! These are the perfect way to sum up cuteness in a dish, as the shell and filling make this food undeniable. If your loved one is a meat lover, seafood extraordinaire, vegetarian, or vegan, dumplings are always going to be the perfect fit to make this night a hit. Make a Sake inspired cocktail and watch as you’re surrounded by two things that are as cute as a button.


If your loved one is a Plain Jane, then any homemade meal will do the trick, but obviously we want to do the best for the ones we love, as that’s what they deserve (most days). While resorting to mac&cheese or breakfast for dinner is always an option, there are some other recipes to try that’ll make your loved one feeling appreciated and satisfied.

When I think of simple, the thing that comes to mind is spaghetti with tomato sauce, garlic bread and some assorted Italian cookies. This pure and hearty Italian meal is timeless because it can’t disappoint. Anyone. Ever. The acidity of the tomatoes coupled with the grandiose crunch of the garlic bread is simply delicious, especially when finished off with some assorted cookies for your loved one’s inner sweet tooth. The only thing that will make this go from a 9.5 to a 10 is to keep the red wine coming as soon as the glass gets emptied, so go twirl your pasta away and go make your partner’s day.


If your partner is an undeniable hopeless romantic, then they deserve the top of the top. We all love the feeling that our partner’s love us and there really isn’t anything better than coming home to a nice surprise (especially jewellery!). If it’s a gift or attention, it’s nice to know that someone cares enough to make you feel special every day, even when there is no occasion.

Just as our hopeless romantics shower us with love, we need to shower them with it too and there is no better way other than homemade fondue. This cheesy and chocolaty duo is something that is so rare but so perfect, just like our loved ones, that it doesn’t have any competition. This is also a great way to show how well you pay attention to detail by taking the time and adding your loved one’s fav things to dip on the side. Sit down to a nice candle-lit table, enjoy each other’s company, and keep the wine rolling as you flirt the night away.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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