How to Balance Life during Quarantine

Self Care Jun 24, 2020

Finding the time to give love to yourself and your lover can be a difficult task for those living alone, with your family, or together during quarantine. After a long day of learning in school or being stuck in the office working it’s hard to have energy to talk, especially on the never-ending days.

On the days it feels like you're carrying the weight with you, it doesn’t have to feel like everything is caving in, because here are some tips for how to find balance and peace on the days where life doesn’t let you.

Allocate Time for Yourself

One way I like to keep the balance when sharing my time with others is allocating time to myself to make sure that I don’t feel cooped or trapped. It can be difficult sometimes to exert energy to interact after the good and bad days, which is why it’s super important to have some time to let your mind and mouth rest.

Whether it’s having a cup of tea while watching your favourite TV show or doing an activity by yourself, like a puzzle or a diamond painting, it’s a great way to keep your mind distracted yet focused on things that aren’t too serious. These activities also let your mind roam and think in peace. You can plan your day, think of what clothes you want to add to your closet, new workouts you want to try, etc.

The true key element here, however you choose to spend your alone time, is to have it be all about you spending your time the way you want to spend it. Don’t compromise or “cheap” out because this moment is about your time to self-reflect and relax in the best way that works for you.

Set Technology Aside

Sometimes scrolling through social media can cause more harm than good. Seeing how successful old friends have become, seeing someone get into a new relationship, etc. can kill your self-esteem, even when you’re in a good place. The pictures and memories that come up on your feed and timeline can sometimes be negative instead of positive, which is why it’s important to have time without your phone or computer by your side.

For 30 minutes to one hour, or even two, lock your phone (and computer) in a drawer or lose it in your couch cushions and distract yourself with something 100% positive. This can include cooking or baking one of your favourite recipes, trying out a new hobby, or taking a nap (just to name a few)! You really can do whatever your heart desires during this time, which is so important as it keeps us in tune with the things that make us feel happy.

We are often too obsessed with the latest trends and the latest news in other people’s lives that we forget to look at our own, which is highly important. This phoneless (and computerless) time gives you the chance to feel completely free without worrying about what someone else thinks about your post or what they are doing on a Sunday afternoon, which we all need take a little more advantage of, in my opinion.

Breathe & Exercise

It’s easy to snack when nervous or stressed because it’s beyond natural to reach for the bag of chips, even though it isn’t always the most helpful. If you find yourself to be a snacker when things go sideways, a great way to balance this, and your emotions, is to focus on your breathing or do some exercise. Not only do you get to remain active throughout the day, but it also makes the snack 10x better because you earned it.

Some great workouts that let you focus on your breath while letting you self-reflect are yoga and running. These two both heavily rely on your breath being centered without needing a lot of technique to begin with. As a tip, if you’re looking for something that is all about zen and relaxing vibes then yoga or a nice stroll is the way to go, but if you’re in a mood for something more fast paced, running will be your best friend.

Whether it’s exercise, watching TV, or cooking something in the kitchen, don’t be shy to spend the time needed to make sure you’re in your best place. Self-care is extremely important and is often over looked, which isn’t always right,

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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Hi! My name is Maya Leah, I am a twenty year old theatre student at Queen's University. I am a Netflix binger, bruncher, and Jesse Eisenberg obsesser who enjoys curling up with a good book...

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