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Cards, Gifts, & DIYs Jul 13, 2020

With the world being in an interesting place right now, a lot of travel plans, or just plans in general, have been postponed for everyone’s safety. The dreams of cruising, boozing, and perusing a new destination seem like a distant memory as we self-isolate and try to keep ourselves distracted at home.

But with all the madness going on, we can still find ways to enjoy our time at home being safe by planning a staycation and not in a stereotypical way of sun and fun. Grab your passport and ditch the sunscreen, the sunbathing, and the pool for these awesome ways to feel as though your home is a 5-star resort.

Cook Themed Dinners / Restaurant Classics

For the inner foodie in you this is the perfect way to start your supreme staycation. Depending on the time commitment you’d like (or suits your lifestyle best) you can pick a new country every week, every 3 weeks, or every month to enhance your feeling that you two are living and eating abroad in your fav place. Whether it’s France, Japan, or England don’t be shy to plan a menu that fits the country of your dreams from start to finish to make your staycation feel as real as can be.

If the time commitment scares you, don’t worry! The menu items can be as simple as a fancy pasta to a full on three course meal. The beauty about this (or any staycation really) is that it fits your lifestyle and capabilities to a T because you do however much or little as you want to make you feel like your abroad. There is no need to feel the added pressure of showing up at the airport on time or seeing all the tourist sites, though those things are missed, so just enjoy the homemade experience and go along for the ride.

For some key dishes around the globe I’d recommend:

🇬🇧 Fish and Chips 🇬🇷 Moussaka 🇦🇺 Roast Lamb
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Haggis 🇭🇺 Goulash 🇮🇳 Chana Masala
🇮🇪 Black Pudding 🇷🇴 Stuffed Cabbage (Sarmale) 🇨🇳 Peking Duck
🇮🇹 Margherita Pizza 🇲🇽 Torta 🇯🇵 Curried Rice
🇫🇷 Salad Nicoise 🇮🇱 Falafel 🇿🇦 Bobotie
🇨🇭 Raclette 🇩🇪 Schnitzel (Schweineschnitzel) 🇨🇦 Poutine
🇪🇸 Paella 🇧🇪 Moules Frites 🇺🇸 Biscuits & Gravy

Plan an Itinerary

One of the best parts of travelling is being able to plan all the cool things to do and places to see, whether it’s a world wonder or a hidden gem. The photographic places, popular or secluded, often make the best memories when looking back, which is why this is one of the most crucial planning parts.

To make this dream become a reality, start by picking your favourite place that you want to travel to next (which should match your cuisine, if you so choose to make it one trip). Pick how long you want to go away for and base your itinerary off that, typically a week or ten days is the best option. Then all you have to do is pick your fav activities and say hasta la vista to being stuck in your living room.

P.S. With all that’s going on, you can now view these destinations on Google Earth. They have some great 3D and panoramic views to make this “trip” feel even more like it’s actually happening.

Dress Accordingly

The last step to making this staycation feel as real as can be is to dress the part, which is the most important part like (if you ask me)! Whether it’s wearing shorts with a tank top, a sundress, or a sweater with jeans can help feel as though you are immersed into the culture of your desired travel destination.

Now, there is no denying that this does sound super cheesy like (and somewhat lame) it’s all about putting in what you want to get out. You can be as detailed and extra or as casual and laid back as you like, as long as you enjoy your staycation, who cares. Keep in mind, if you go one yard or all nine, that sometimes a little pixie dust is all we need to make magic.

With that in mind, there is no denying that this is nowhere near the ‘real deal’ style of travelling, right now it’s the best and safest option for everyone. When doing this, if you two are open to advice, don’t think of it as literal travel but trying to recreate the amazing memories that go along with it. Dining, wining, planning, and dressing up make up a lot of the fun when travelling, as it’s fun to experience the culture when away.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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