Best Recipes to Cook BBQ Style

Recipes Jul 29, 2020

#1 Surf and Turf

Oh surf and turf, I have been waiting for a more iconic dinner duo, and I have not been able to find one with as much as class, beauty, and grace as the two of you. The poppable shrimp is the perfect complement to the chewiness of the steak, which makes it the ultimate meal, because when you need a break from one, you can enjoy the other.

The beauty of this dish is how two different types of protein, with two very different flavour profiles, can come together to make something exemplary for seafood and meat lovers (haters or anything in between). For the ultimate taste sensation, marinate both with some garlic butter to blend the flavours throughout and allow yourself to enjoy the garliciness both with the shrimp that explodes in your mouth and the steak that melts away bite after bite.

P.S. If you are a pescatarian or are not a fan of steak, the same applies to grilled shrimp with some Piña Colada sauce. The grilled shrimp (on the barbie) is the perfect accompaniment for the dip because it is equal parts tangy and sweet, which allows for the poppableness of the shrimp to pull through while being well drenched in something as magical as it sounds.

#2 Sweet and Sticky Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)

If the two of you are in the mood for something with a kick of sweet followed by some finger licking goodness (thank you, KFC) this is the perfect BBQ dish for you. The fattiness of the meat absorbs the sweet flavour well as the marinade adds a nice fluffiness to the fat, which elevates it from a ten to an eleven.

Pork, similarly to chicken and tofu, does not have a strong standalone flavour where it can be eaten plain or with minimal seasonings, so this is the perfect marinade because it works with the pork to make it extra juicy. The sweet flavours of the honey and the tanginess of the hoisin, chili flakes, and ginger make the marinade two toned and the perfect blend for the pork to soak up because it makes it as flavourful as can be. Also, the molasses does an excellent job at adding a nice coating to the pork, which helps to let it feel like it is melting in your mouth.

#3 Dak Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Chicken)                                            

This Korean chicken recipe is one for the books for those nights when you are craving something with a lot of ZING. The lemon in this recipe allows for a nice zest to come through while leaving the chicken moist but with a powerful flavour.

The marinade of soy sauce, honey, vinegar, etc. is perfect for summer as it keeps the chicken hydrated but is filling enough to let the wine soak up to something, if you are having a glass (or bottle) with the company for the evening. This recipe is also very light and refreshing, which goes perfectly with a basic house salad recipe instead of a carb or starch, making it the ultimate start or end of summer treat.

#4 Tuna Steaks

Tuna is similar to steak in that they both have a naturally good flavour to them without the need for a lot of seasoning. A simple soy sauce glaze is enough to elevate your tuna from a one to a ten, especially if the sear is close to perfect. Tuna is a very powerful fish with a lot of punch, which is important to take into consideration if you or your guest(s) do not like strongly unique flavours.

If you are looking for a way to spice up this dinner, a creamy ginger and soy sauce dressing is sure to do the trick. The subtle flavours are well balanced and are perfectly captured by the creamy consistency, which makes this the ultimate dressing for anything with a distinct set of flavours. The creaminess also does a great job at complimenting the texture of the tuna, while still letting the quality of the tuna shine through.

P.S. It is important to note that when buying fresh tuna, it should be eaten the same day it is purchased. So make sure that your company, or you two, are in the mood for it, otherwise Salmon is a great alternative.

#5 Black Pudding and Scallops Skewer

Before you judge a book by its cover, this is the perfect elevation of a classic surf and turf. The meaty texture of the black pudding coupled with the decadent and buttery texture of the scallops makes the perfect meal filled with contrast and flavour in each bite.

If you are new to the world of black pudding, this dish originated from the British Isles, and is similar to a bread filled sausage. It is savoury, filling, and smoky with each bite and leaves you wanting more each time you have it. With that being said, it is the perfect complement and contrast to scallops, which are on the sweeter side with hints of butter, and so this dish really leaves you with a party going on in your month. The different texture and flavours between the black pudding and the scallops allow you to feel satisfied

The idea of black pudding and scallops allows you to feel like you are dining in the UK, while living your best and most British life, which is something we all want and crave at one point or another. The scallops are really subtle in flavour and make the perfect treat for a hot summer night because the taste of butter adds a really cooling element unlike anything else. When you couple that with the starchy texture of the black pudding, it is equally filling and light, which makes it amazing for a late lunch or dinner.

#6 British Ribs

There is nothing more like traditional BBQ than ribs and adding a UK spin on it only makes it better. The fattiness of the pork goes really well with the Worcestershire sauce and the fresh apple juice because it is equal parts viscous and acidic, which adds a tangy twist that is not often in the palette when eating ribs.

The marinade, which features whisky and honey, also enhances the side dish of potato salad by appealing to its sweeter and milder side. The coldness of the mayo mixed within the potatoes, dill, and pear is the perfect juxtaposition to the warm ribs because they pack a lot of zing, whereas the potato salad is cold and mellow without being too bland.

This meal is also one that comes full circle and leaves you satisfied through and through. The tanginess of the marinade is really unique and is an important part of the recipe because it helps to complement the potato salad too. The acidity in the marinade goes really well with the pickled onions and the Greek yogurt because there is the same consistent flavour within each bite.

#7 Vegan BBQ Pork Sandwich

While vegan BBQ pork sounds confusing and like it’s bound to be fake, but it is in fact very real and very delicious. The use of lentils and carrots make this dish very hearty without being overly filling and heavy. The texture of the both the lentils and carrots also is similar to pork and allows for the smokiness to seep through without the additional fattiness, which is rather familiar with various cuts of pork.

The strong BBQ flavour alongside the glossy bun allow for your taste buds to have a party from the smokiness to the sweet. The bun here is also a great binder for wrapping up everything together because it tones down the strong taste of spices but still allows for them to come through, while moistening up the bun so it doesn’t feel too toasted or rock hard. Overall, this recipe allows for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike to enjoy this hearty and flavourful meal.

BBQ is something so classic yet amazing, which is why it deserves to be elevated and turned into something slightly "fancier" and more "gourmet". I hope you enjoyed these recipes and that you try some of them out for a family dinner or a date night at home.

As always, stay healthy and safe.



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