About Me

Welcome readers!

Thank you for clicking on my blog! Whether you're perusing on your lunch break at work, scanning through to be distracted in class, or having a relaxing self care day at home, I couldn't be happier that you stumbled upon my blog. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Since this is all about relationships, we might as well start with the most important part... duh... duh... duh... the first impression (the vein of our existence).

Anyways, here goes nothing! Hi! My name is Maya Leah, I am a twenty year old theatre student at Queen's University, going on the age of forty. If I were to sum myself up, I would say that I am a Netflix binger, bruncher, and Jesse Eisenberg obsesser, who enjoys curling up with a good book and long walks on the beach.

While I may sound like a Nicholas Sparks character wannabe, I can assure you that I am far from it. Some might say that I would be described as a bottle of wine that gets better with age, which is what inspired me to start writing a relationship blog. We all have trouble sometimes finding entertaining ways to maintain a relationship, which can be tricky for everyone at any age, so I hope my tips and tricks are useful for making dating fun and that it helps the two of you find cool things to do.

Stay healthy and safe,

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