5 Cute ‘n’ Affordable Date Ideas for Couples in Quarantine

Dating In The 6ix Apr 29, 2020

Anyone else feel that dating during quarantine can be one hell of a task? Between the sporadic texting during the day to the long events of facetiming your loved one in the night, it can make the two of you feel like you are spinning around on repeat, when shuffling a playlist is always going to be better. But we all know that when 9:00 hits we’re excited to see our loved one’s face pop up on the screen even if it means another discussion about how your days were and so on and so forth.

Truth be told, I am comfortable in my routine too. I enjoy knowing that I get to sit down and talk about everything and nothing with my special someone even during times when it feels like the world is shutting down. It provides me with a sense of comfort, and even though this is true for most, for the nights we want to jazz it up to make your one and only feel special, here are 5 alternative ways to make a virtual date night experience an affordable and an entertaining one:

#1 Virtual Cinema Experience

This is a great re-indention on Netflix and chill. Simply make a bowl of popcorn with your favourite seasonings, or indulge on your ideal movie snack, and find the perfect movie for the two of you, which leads you to a super easy and affordable way to make an all inclusive movie night at home. One way is to go to Watch2Gether (download the chrome extension, sign up, have your TV show/movie open and ready to go, make a room, and then share the link of your room to your special someone). This does take some time and patience so just be warned, as all technology can have it’s moments of being unreliable, but it is worthwhile. The other way to do this, if you’re not into technology (like me), is to both open Netflix at the same time, countdown to when you both want to start watching, hit play and you’re in business. Now, no movie night is complete without snacks and what better way to fill this void than ordering some reusable movie theatre popcorn bowls or the tried and true popcorn bowls from amazon.ca to complete the experience.

I am a big fan of this low budget and effort virtual date night idea, as it gives the two of you the chance to still be with each other while giving yourself a chance to recuperate from the day, as talking can be draining no matter how strong your feelings are. When doing this take the time to watch and enjoy the presence of each other without feeling guilty for having nothing to share. Also, this gives a great segway into a conversation after the movie is done, because we all have to share how hot the actors are, conspiracy theories, and what we think the ending should’ve been. If you run out of ideas on a rainy day, when there’s no point in going outside, or you just miss the movies, this date idea can easily fix all of your problems. All you have to do is just sitback, click, snack, relax, and enjoy.

#2 Online Picnic

This is another affordable virtual date night idea as well as one that can be done in person. The choice is up to you, but if you choose to host this date from the comfort of your bedroom then start by simply spreading a tablecloth on your bedroom floor, and if you want to go all out, you can order the stereotypical tablecloth right here. Then just add the proper dishes and cutlery set in place with your laptop at the edge of the tablecloth. If you’re interested in doing this in person, simply bring your picnic supplies with you, if so you choose you can order the basket here, and sit 6ft apart from each other while eating and enjoying each other’s company.

This is a cute idea because it allows the two of you to be extra by syncing up your menu items and match what you’ll be drinking for the late afternoon or evening. There are so many options of what the two of you can make, which also gives the two of you the chance to show off your cooking skills by adding some healthy and fun competition. Looking for some inspiration? If you’re planning to do this in the afternoon around lunch a classic PB&J with some juice boxes can go a long way. Or if you’re feeling something around dinner, spaghetti with tomato sauce with red wine or Fettuccine Alfredo with a white wine is a solid choice and one that can never go wrong.

Nothing says let’s hang out by doing an old fashioned picnic. Your feelings of nostalgia will be off the charts and you two will both be able to reminisce about your childhood and your favourite memories that come along with it. Not only is this a great conversation starter but it’s also a chance to ring in the mood by lighting some candles and letting your feeling of childlike wonder settle in.

#3 Take a Youtube Cooking Class

Calling all my inner chefs out there! If you and your loved one are both fans of feeling the heat then this is the perfect quarantine date night for you (plus the best part is that it’s totally free). The youtuber French Cooking Academy offers everything from appetizers to desserts with vegetarian friendly options. The channel also has different recipes based on your comfort with cooking and lists all the ingredients in the description, which makes it super user friendly and personalized for every subscriber.

If cooking a full meal isn’t up your alley, youtubers including Gordon Ramsay and Tasty (from Buzzfeed) have a series of tips and tricks to use in the kitchen, such as knife skills, all around essential beginner skills, and a bonus featurette of an abundance of recipes. Both channels are extremely organized and are professional, which makes the experience feel as though you are taking a cooking class at George Brown.

Whether you're tired of eating the same meals every night, wanting to learn something new, or have the aspiring dream of becoming a chef this is one date night idea that never seems to fail.

This date night can be a fun teamwork challenge and a chance to bond over the ups, downs, and delicious meal, or new set of skills, at the end of it. This is also super rewarding for getting to work hard and impress one another at how quickly you can learn when you are in it to win it, or at least for the food. Take the time, ditch your phones, and feel proud while you treat yourself to the delicious meal you two created

#4 Virtual Walkthroughs

Anyone here love getting lost in a gallery or a new foreign city? Then this one date idea you won’t want to skip. One gallery that provides a stellar tour is The Louvre. This gallery set in Paris, France offers exhibits from pieces relating to art and cultural education as well as Egyptian art pieces all for free. Even though it’s not as good as seeing it in person, this is a great way to unleash your inner artist and learn new things about different artists in their element.

Now, let’s get real! Everyone of us has an inner travel agent persona waiting for it’s opportunity to strike and this is it. Cyarkoffers virtual tours to make you feel like you're visiting another country while staying safe. The best part about this is that you can pick your era from a wide range of options, such as 1000 BCE to 1750 BCE and everything in between. Grab your favourite foreign snack and drink, facetime your loved one, and pretend to play tourist together. Nothing says romance than being able to see one another staring at the Eiffel Tower together while eating croissants and drinking coffee. Not only will this bring you back to some of your favourite travel memories together but it also leaves room for plenty of conversation about future travel plans.

These are both two free and unique options for an online cultural date night so why not take advantage? Whether you choose a gallery, a country, or both, this is a romantic evening without question. The culture and history is sure to spike up some great conversation and it may lead the two of you to already plan your post quarantine vacation plan. Take the time, explore, and let your mind roam to take in all the beautiful paintings and the amazing sites of the world.

#5 Virtual Paint Night

While this one does require some supplies it’s a really fun date night activity that can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you’re comfortable make this a two part event start off by a social distancing date off to Micheal’s and the Dollarama to pick some canvases, paint, and brushes (or order some canvases, paints, and brushes from Amazon for ultimate safety or laziness). This date night idea is a touch on the pricier side just with the supplies but it is one worthwhile, as it is a cute activity and gives the two of you an interactive distraction.

A virtual paint night does require some setting up prior to the date so make sure you and your loved one plan a date to do this so your supplies can be ready to go. But the rest is super easy, just open a bottle of wine or make yourself a cocktail and start painting. Plus if you're feeling generous, you can even use these as a post quarantine gift as a token of love and survival.

I hope that you are staying safe and that you enjoyed this post. If you did, don’t be shy to subscribe and spread the word.




Hi! My name is Maya Leah, I am a twenty year old theatre student at Queen's University. I am a Netflix binger, bruncher, and Jesse Eisenberg obsesser who enjoys curling up with a good book...

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