10 Popular Restaurant Cocktails You Can Make at Home (Summer Edition)

Recipes Aug 05, 2020

#1 Bloody Mary

If anyone needs an excuse for drinking in the early morning, this would be the one (besides mimosas of course). The acidity of the tomato juice, spices, and hot sauce does a great job at disguising the burn of the vodka (of your choice) while letting its flavour shine through.

Bloody Mary’s aren’t too sweet, which is another bonus because it allows you to sip and enjoy without it being a sugar bomb. The Worcestershire sauce is a nice addition because it adds some tanginess to the drink, which is unique and unlike any other breakfast cocktail, minus its sister, the Caesar.

This is also a perfect drink for those who appreciate flavour because it is not a bland drink or one that is only one note. There are a lot of elements here that make bloody mary's really pop and wow your company.

#2 Moscow Mule

Putting the pretty bronze cup aside, this is one underrated drink because it is more than just a staple décor piece. There is a really subtle tanginess from the ginger beer, which does a great job at complimenting the vodka. The ginger beer finds a way to dilute the strong after taste of the vodka, which makes each sip semi-sweet and crisp.

Moscow Mules are relatively simple but pack a lot of flavour in each cup. The lime is a definite must to nail this drink because it adds a nice acidity to the overall flavour profile, which would definitely be missed. The zestiness of the lime does a nice job at taming the ginger flavour by mellowing it down so that it's less potent. All in all, there is something endlessly refreshing about how the ingredients fit together and the aroma they produce.

#3 Hibiscus Margarita

I know that tequila can get a bad rep, quickly, for doing people dirty, but this margarita is like no other. Similarly to sangria, the hibiscus does a great job at making the drink feel less strong because it has a subtle, yet strong flavour. The sweetness and hint of bitterness of the hibiscus rounds out the tequila. It feels less like a burn going down while pushing the Cointreau forward, as the orange compliments its berry-like flavour well.

The hibiscus works really well with the salted rim and the lime because it enhances them without overpowering them. The bitter elements of the hibiscus draws out the savoury side of the salt, which adds a nice zing to the drink when taking a sip. The same can be said for the lime as the hibiscus complements it with its berry notes and makes the lime less potent and a little bit sweeter.

#4 Piña Colada

Tropical vibes all day, every day, is the only thing I can say about this drink. The sweet hints of pineapple and coconut in this drink are the perfect amount. Its subtle enough that it gets the message across without being too overpowering, which is perfect for coconut lovers and haters alike. There is a strong flavour of rum here, which isn’t disguised, so if you’re a fan of the taste of rum then this is the perfect pair for you, but otherwise I’d recommend picking a drink that blends the rum a little bit more.

#5 Daiquiri

This is a classic and one of the best choices for a hot day by the water. The cooling note of the strawberries is a great and tart flavour to add some sweetness to your day without feeling like you’re getting 1,000 cavities. The rum here is well blended and doesn’t have too strong of a burn, so if you enjoy rum but don’t really enjoy the burn or after taste, this is definitely the way to go. The only thing about this drink is that after letting it sit for a while it starts to melt and water down, so make sure you take your time to enjoy it but don’t let it sit out in the sun for hours while you swim or tan.

#6 Mojito

This is one cocktail that can never do any harm. The fresh mint perfectly captures but softens the taste of the rum by cooling down the strength of the drink without eliminating the feel of the alcohol. There are also a lot of refreshing qualities, especially from the soda water, as it adds a nice crisp bite to it. This lets each sip be more than one-note by adding another texture to the drink.

#7 Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon sangria is one of the cocktails that is timeless and perfect for summer. The drink really welcomes the watermelon in warmly by letting it absorb the white wine and feeling the intertwined flavour with each and every sip. This cocktail is very light but doesn’t skimp out in the flavour, so save it for a hot summer day where you want to wine and dine.

#8 Frozé (Frozen Rosé Wine Slushies)

Frosé is one of those drinks that is as iconic as they come. The idea of freezing wine and transforming it into a slush is something that should be done far more often. The flavour of the rose with the cooling sensation of the slush is very delicate, which makes it delicious and the subtle hints of raspberry make it two toned and just a tad tart.

#9 Manhattan

Manhattans are a great drink for the equal parts of sweetness and acidity. The hints of orange elevate the whisky to be less acidic and really brings out the sweet notes that whisky carries within it. The touch of the bitters add an additional element of intense flavour to help liven up the drink and bring out the stronger side of the whisky, so the after taste comes through independently.

#10 Old Fashioned

While the name sounds boring and outdated, I can assure you that this drink will bring you back to the bar, quickly. The notes of citrus with the bourbon really make this an acidic and tart drink but with a hint of sweetness, which helps to minimize the burn of the bourbon.

Adding the fresh fruit in here really adds another texture to the cocktail. It really does give the drink some life and allows it to stand out amongst the others. The way the fruit absorb the bourbon and bitters enhance the tarty flavours and allow for the natural sugars to seep through and leave a pleasant after taste that lingers for hours.

As always, I hope you are staying healthy and safe.



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