10 of the Best Songs for a Romantic Night at Home (“Pop” Edition)

Dating In The 6ix May 20, 2020

Choosing music for a romantic night at home is no easy task, as you have to pick music with the right vibe and melody to ensure that the night doesn’t flop. Instead of relying on a random playlist where you only know half the songs or scrambling last minute to find mediocre playlist, I have some songs to make your date night a success.

#1 Gold by Jeremy Loops

This South African producer, singer and song writer’s tunes are sure to break the tension with their happy tones, whether it’s the 1st date or the 21st date. This song is definitely one you want to start the night off with, as its carefree lyrics allows for the evening to flow naturally. The melody is upbeat and soothing all in one go, which allows for the two of you to be in a happy go lucky mood.

#2 Can’t Sleep Love by Pentatonix

If you’re looking a jam to get stuck in your head, because we always are, then this is the one to go for. This song, which is all acapella, is a hit to get you and your loved one dancing the night away. Whether you two are organizing the kitchen after cooking or setting the table, this is the perfect song to have blasting in the background because it will get the both of you up and happy to finish off the last of the chores to make this night a success.

#3 Classic by MKTO

This pop and R&B mashup calls it as it sees it, because it truly is a classic. The sharp beats will make the two of feel happy in an instant and get you in the mood to hang out. On the days where the two of you are low energy or are sharing bad vibes, this song will uplift your spirits and turn your frown upside down.

#4 Dopamine by BØRNS

While no one thinks that pop and rock are genres that can go together, BØRNS proves us all to be wrong. This band, which is mainly centred around pop, will kick the feeling of confidence right into the two of you. The passion felt when Born is singing is rare but extremely unique, because it gets carried throughout the room and leaves you wanting more. Start off your event of the evening to this soundtrack because it leaves everyone feeling uplifted, which will put them in the right headspace.  

#5 Island In The Sun by Weezer

This is a song that should be played closer to ending the evening. Its swift melody and subtly cute words are a winner for sealing the evening with a kiss. While Aqua Marine helped in promoting this amazing song, that doesn’t mean you should look the other way. This fabulous and breezy song is a nice way to bring your evening to an end, as its catchy vibes will have you reminiscing of the summertime, which can put a smile on anyone’s face.

#6 Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid

When you and your loved one want to start bringing the evening down to a more subtle vibe, there is no other perfect song than this one. These two accomplished singer/song writers released a song that’s equally as pretty as it is catchy. From the lyrics to the melody, the vibe is relaxing while still being a good song to dance to or scroll through your phones side by side. No matter how the two of you choose to unwind, this is a great song to have on in the background.

#7 It’s You by Ali Gatie

This is definitely a song for when the sun starts to set. While it does have a semi sad tone to it, the true meaning has to do with respect more than anything. The words and the melody, which undeniably go hand-in-hand make this a song that no one can deny slow dancing to. Even if the two of you hate dancing (and could always be found by the “punch” bowl at a party), this hit will leave the two of wanting it to be stuck on repeat.

#8 If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels

While the title of this song seems (a tad) depressing, don’t be fooled because if anything it’s the opposite. The tones of appreciating someone seep through the lyrics, which couple well with the melody to create this one of a kind hit. At the end of a long day, this song is a sure success to make the two feel relaxed and happy to be home, as it’s all about quality time. Make this the time to grab some coffee or wine, and have some one-on-one time with your one and only.

#9 Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake ft. Majid Jordan

The end of night vibes aren’t complete without Drake, and everyone knows this to be true. Save this tune for a night when just the two of you are in a mood for classic pop. This is a song where you need to listen and reflect without a lot of talking, so save this one for when you’re in the hot tub or lying in bed just taking in the love. This is a tune for the both of you.

#10 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

This artist is definitely one to take note of, as his power in all the words. This song is a guide up to the bedroom and that is undeniable. The honesty in the lyrics is soft yet powerful and this makes it the perfect song to end of the night *officially*. Forget the empty glasses on your coffee table and save the rest of the dishes for tomorrow, as this is one song you’ll want to listen to in the complete privacy of your bedroom.


Hi! My name is Maya Leah, I am a twenty year old theatre student at Queen's University. I am a Netflix binger, bruncher, and Jesse Eisenberg obsesser who enjoys curling up with a good book...

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